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What Are Technical SEO Services?

On-site technical SEO for websites of all sizes. Thorough technical SEO enhancements aimed at enhancing web page crawlability, indexation, and keyword ranking performance.

Why your brand needs a Technical SEO Agency

While Google’s ability to comprehend web page content has improved, it’s important to remember that their crawlers are still automated entities. Consequently, the technical aspects of your website play a pivotal role in enhancing your site’s performance within search engine results.

Technical enhancements provide your website with a competitive edge, facilitating more efficient crawling and indexing by prominent search engine bots. Moreover, technical SEO aids Google in gauging the thematic relevance of your content in relation to users’ search queries, thereby elevating your web pages in more pertinent keyword searches. From mobile compatibility to markup, our team of technical SEO specialists ensures that your website harnesses every available technical advantage, enabling you to surpass your competitors in organic search rankings.

HTML Tags & Technicals

From title tags, meta descriptions, to hreflang tags, we optimize the backend of your website for users and search engine bots.

Sitemaps & Crawl Budget

Sitemaps play a crucial role in guaranteeing that Google crawlers access, include, and rank the key pages of your site. A reduction in crawl errors and indexing problems translates to improved outcomes.

Schema Markup & Rich Results

Enhance your presence in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with structured data markup. Elevate your organic search effectiveness by incorporating rich results that leave a more pronounced influence.

Page & User Experience

The loading speed of web pages, page swiftness, and adaptive design have collective effects on your natural search rankings. A robust technical base results in an enhanced user experience for visitors to your website.

How our technical SEO team can help

We excel in technical SEO, whether we’re handling extensive, intricate e-commerce platforms across various languages and regions or smaller WordPress configurations.

SEO Consultancy

We aid in establishing and crafting your goals and strategic approach. It's possible you are contemplating a domain relocation or expanding into novel geographical areas and languages.

Keyword & Market Research

Thorough research into keywords, audiences, and market dynamics serves as a compass for our SEO strategy, enabling us to make more informed choices for our clients. This results in enhanced precision, alignment with user intent, and ultimately, a positive impact on their financial performance.

Technical Auditing

Our reputation in the industry for our technical expertise is solidified by our cutting-edge SEO Spider crawling software. Additionally, our team of specialists possesses the ability to scrutinize the data, offer valuable insights, and furnish well-prioritized, feasible suggestions.

Onsite SEO

We assess the configuration of your website, its user experience, and other critical components that carry significance in the search engine algorithms. Our analysis results in suggestions aimed at enhancing the pertinence, targeting, and user experience. Whether it's page loading speed or the utilization of Schema mark-up, no detail escapes our scrutiny.

Penalty Recovery

We have assisted websites in bouncing back from Google's algorithmic sanctions like Panda and Penguin, in addition to addressing manual penalties incurred due to errors committed by them or a third party in earlier times. We regularly evaluate Google quality updates which now consider user engagement signals.


If you're contemplating a shift to a new website, domain, or have encountered challenges during a migration, we're here to assist. With our wealth of expertise, we have effectively overseen numerous substantial website migrations and identified and resolved issues arising from troublesome transitions.

Talk to a SEO Specialist

Our technical specialists will analyze your site and come up with a custom plan for your growth.

How Technical SEO can Boost your Online Presence

No matter how engaging your web design or informative your web content, Google will not rank your web pages if the technical elements of your website are not properly set up. Investing in technical SEO is essential for any brand that wants to show up for more keywords, but it also creates a better web experience for your organic visitors. Start ranking higher and more often for the keywords that matter most in your industry with our technical SEO campaigns.

Other Technical HTML Tags

Image searches

Alt Attributes

The alt attribute serves the purpose of aiding Google in comprehending the visuals on your site and their visual content. Since Google's crawlers can solely interpret HTML code, they lack the capability to visually perceive images unless you explicitly convey their content and relevance to the surrounding page context. Numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) offer convenient options for adding alt text, and tools such as Yoast SEO prompt users to utilize them. Furthermore, alt text can influence keyword rankings, especially if you aim to secure a higher position in Google image search results.

Block pages


A robots.txt file conveys to Google the specific web pages on your website that the web crawler is allowed to access or barred from accessing. If you have broken pages or duplicate pages on your website, the robots.txt will prevent Google from sending a crawl request. There are a variety of reasons for why you might want to block Google from being able to crawl and index specific pages, particularly with large websites or e-commerce sites, so using this tag to your advantage is a great technical seo strategy.

Prevent penalties

Rel Canonical URLs

Rel canonical tags communicate to crawlers that a specific url represents the master copy of a page. This tag can aid website owners in avoiding Google penalties resulting from duplicate content problems. Websites, such as e-commerce platforms, which feature products or comparable content on various pages, face a heightened risk of being flagged for duplicate content. Consequently, incorporating canonical URLs across all their webpages can effectively mitigate duplication issues.


Find Answers

The procedure of enhancing the codes and components that influence crawling, rendering, indexing, and ensuring a positive user experience is referred to as Technical SEO. Apart from this, it also cover the vital aspects of website like HTTP Response Status Codes, Core Web Vitals, Coverage issues, Website architecture (Sitemap & Internal Link), Mobile friendliness, domain security, Structured Data, broken links, redirects, Hosting etc.

Technical SEO can be categorized into two distinct areas based on its purpose: Search Engine Experience, encompassing Crawl Accessibility, and User Experience, which pertains to Page Experience.

Technical SEO Services encompass a Technical SEO Audit, addressing coverage concerns, restoring indexation, enhancing website load times to meet core web vitals criteria, optimizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. Additionally, our offerings extend to resolving broken links, managing multiple redirects, optimizing the robots.txt and sitemap, implementing structured data, and ensuring mobile usability.

Our technical SEO services have proven advantageous to over 100 businesses globally. We provide dedicated account managers who possess expertise in technical SEO and are well-versed in Google Algorithms.

Technical SEO involves the process of enhancing a website’s framework and structure to enhance its position in search engine rankings. This practice centers on the enhancement of elements like page loading speed, crawl accessibility, indexation, and other critical factors. Technical SEO may present as a multifaceted and intimidating undertaking, yet it remains a fundamental requirement for any website striving for high rankings in search engines.

Some examples of technical SEO include optimizing your website for search engine crawlers, ensuring your website is properly indexed, and improving your website’s load time.

On-page SEO involves the optimization of individual web pages with the aim of boosting their search engine rankings and increasing their attraction to search engine visitors through content and meta adjustments. In contrast, technical SEO is the endeavor to ensure that a website’s technical foundation is fine-tuned to attract a larger amount of organic search traffic. This comprises the enhancement of website speed, the incorporation of schema markup, and the resolution of issues that could impede the website’s crawl.

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