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As Google Partners, we are officially recognised by Google for service excellence. Our Google Ads experts enable your business to appear in pre-eminent positioning in Google’s search results through paid search ads, shopping, and display campaign investment. Google is the most widely used search engine globally, offering the largest audience and Ads displayed here offer immediate results., so is a lucrative choice for faster growth.

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Google is the world’s leading provider of search ads. Its AdWords service allows companies offering products or services to pay for their ads based on the queries of Internet users entered into the search box.

What Are Search Ads?

Whenever you look for a product or service online, Google (or any other search-engine provider) displays a results page consisting of both organic and sponsored results. The ads can be displayed in many ways, but search engines typically indicate which results are sponsored and which are not.

In Google Search results, sponsored entries are typically displayed as the top few results, and some are also displayed at the bottom of the page. Currently, Google is marking paid search results with a small green “Ad” symbol next to them, letting you know they are not organic. Some of Google’s previous implementations of sponsored results included different backgrounds (yellow, blue) and yellow-colored “Ad” icons.

Search Advertising and How Does It Work?

Paid search advertising (also known as sponsored ads, search marketing, search-engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing) is a technique that displays ads in search-engine results whenever someone searches for the services or products offered by the advertiser. In this way, the ad displayed perfectly matches each query.

Search advertising is very effective; it is based on the explicit need of the users, rather than just on implicit information about what they might be after. This, naturally, increases the likelihood of clicks and conversion.


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This should include regular optimization, reports, and complimentary services such as Bing ads, landing page design services, and SEO. At W3site, we are a full-service digital agency dedicated to getting our clients highly-qualified leads with a full-funnel approach to marketing. We have a team of channel-based experts who can help you scale both your paid and organic efforts.

Our average launch takes 1-3 weeks depending on the size of your campaign and whether you already have an account or need to create one from scratch. We will provide a launch estimate and plan during your free Google Ads strategy session.

As your dedicated Google Advertising agency, we aim to take the burden of campaign management completely off your plate. However, we do need some collaboration from you. Our client’s involvement is crucial to our mutual success. We will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire before you launch with us, share all relevant assets needed to create winning landing pages and ad creative, have bi-weekly meetings, and communicate regularly via email or a shared Slack channel.

While we are one of the best Google Ads Agency partners offering Google Ads strategy and Google Ads campaign creation, we are also a full service agency. We offer social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), landing page web design, paid advertising, shopping campaigns, Google Analytics setup, ad copy writing, keyword research, strategic digital marketing services, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, paid search program, target audience research, and PPC campaigns for business growth. So while Google Ads services are one of our core digital marketing agency services, we offer complete digital marketing solutions with a dedicated team and smart digital marketing efforts.

We are not industry-exclusive but have extensive digital marketing experience in the B2B technology, financial services, nonprofit, legal services, data management, and healthcare sectors.

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