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You Will Get All Important Benefits


Ready-made ecommerce platforms come with pre-built templates, designs, and functionalities, saving time and effort in development and customization.


Developing a custom ecommerce website from scratch can be expensive, requiring investment in web development, design, and technology infrastructure.

Ease of Use

Ready-made ecommerce platforms are designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive tools that simplify the process of setting up and managing an online store.


Ready-made ecommerce websites are built on scalable infrastructure that can accommodate the growth and expansion of businesses over time.


You Will Get All Important Feature

Advance Searching Module

Easy advanced searching module empowers users with precise and efficient product or service discovery.

Advance Product Variant

Advanced product variant system enriches your catalog by offering a wide range of product variations.

Quick Product View & Zoom

Quick product view feature allows users to explore product details without leaving the current page, saving time and enhancing convenience.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timer adds a sense of urgency and excitement to your promotional campaigns, encouraging immediate action from potential customers.

Advance Product filtering

Advanced product filtering capabilities enable users to refine their search results based on specific criteria.

Checkout Page

Enanle Business to expand their reach and sell products or services to customers worldwide.

24+ Payment Gateways & More..

Powerful Admin Panel

Powerful Admin/Backend template includes all of the Functionality And pages that are required.

Inventory Management System

Manage your inventory with our advance inventory management system.

Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Support

Both single-vendor businesses and dynamic multi-vendor marketplaces, offering flexibility to suit your entrepreneurial vision.

Ticket System Support

SafeCart’s integrated ticket system streamlines communication, ensuring swift and effective issue resolution.

Full Responsive for any devices Like Application

Sell Online With Your Own Ecommerce Website

Get Just At ₹49,000 ₹ 9,999/-

POS (Point of sales)

POS functionality enables in-person sales, allowing businesses to seamlessly conduct transactions at physical locations.

Order Management

Order management system streamlines the process of handling customer orders, ensuring prompt and accurate fulfillment.

Wallet for admin vendor Customer

SafeCart’s wallet system provides convenient financial management for admins, vendors, and customers, offering flexibility in transactions.

Refund Management System

Simplifies the process of issuing refunds, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both businesses and customers.

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Its cost is low because We delivered premade deisgned website. We have lots of E-commerce website layouts.

We will take one day for launching your website. Due to domain hosting connectivity then it take two days.

There are many technologies that can be used to design an E-commerce website design, PhP, Laravel, CodeIgniter & CMS.

Yes, absolutly we provide SEO friendly website that are good for Marketing & Advertising your Products on google.

After One Year We Have Few Charges For Your Website Maintenance

No, the same website is not delivered to everyone. Different users may see different versions of a website depending on various factors, such as their location, device, browser, language, preferences, Products, Layouts & Features.


Sell Online With Your Own Ecommerce Website

Get Just At ₹49,000 ₹ 9,999/-

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